Peace of art is a humanitarian organization and fine arts academy that has been in operation since 2016. The organization is the first academic institute to provide professional artistic and educational training services for youth in North Bekaa area, it main goals is to Empower and engage people in Lebanon, Lebanese and Syrian, youth, children & women to live in dignity and peace based on the respect, protection, and fulfillment of Human Rights, and to bring youth from multiple religions, regions and nationalities together thorough Art and education , our mission is to Work with Lebanese and syrian people living in North Bekaa, particularly women and youth to create a more developed and equitable society through teaching fine arts , reducing poverty, eliminating exclusion, and fostering a culture of peace based on accepting the other . Peace of art has made a unique contribution to global advocacy for arts education and integrating the arts with science, sport and technology. More importantly, the POA has demonstrated how the arts can be applied to achieve important social objectives. The POA programs guide schools to encourage children’s creativity, instill empathy and understanding, and inspire creative global leadership. Under the POA umbrella, teachers bring the world of arts and cultures to their classroom, providing students with an opportunity to experience and appreciate the varied manifestations of human creativity that make earth – a fragile planet in a remote galaxy – still the most wondrous place in the whole universe. The overarching goal is to reduce the transmission of trauma and hatred from the current generation to the future one. POA program develops empathy through art and imparts leadership skills so children can co-create a peaceful future for their communities especially after all the tragedic events that passed on the Lebanese timeline .


Teaching fine arts ( music, drawing , photography, filming, editing…) in a professional and academic way also teaching more about citizenship, accepting others, and peace building in order to Empower and engage people in Lebanon to live in dignity and peace based on the respect, protection, and fulfillment of Human Rights and respectin other humans coming from other nationalities, religions and backgrounds, and to keep youth away of drugs, guns & negative thoughts , and teach them how to use their energies in a positive way that serve their society.


Work with Lebanese and syrian people living in North Bekaa, particularly women and youth to create a more developed and equitable society through teaching fine arts , reducing poverty and tension between Lebanese hosting community and Syrian refugees, eliminating exclusion, and fostering a culture of peace based on accepting the other


Peace of Art main Slogan is ( Art for everyone) we are committed to spread peace through art in its basic definition (the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination) and bring youth from multiple religions and regions together, and skip difference between them , As an organization, Peace of Art is working always to sustainable development by promoting peace through arts, sports and even technology with the fulfillment of Human Rights. It has a responsibility to safeguard the people with whom it works based on the following values:

Our values are applied in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989), United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women (1993), and other international agreements which uphold the rights of all people including children and women. We are therefore committed to the protection of people from ‘all forms of physical or mental violence, injury and abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment or exploitation, including sexual violence’ as outlined in Article 19 and Article 48/104 of the UN. We use new , creative ways to insure peace throught arts, education, and training.

Founder :

The idea of "Peace of art" started in north Bekaa region (Baalbek –Hermel) , in a small town called (Al-Ain) which is a miniature example of coexistence between multiple religions and backgrounds . Deprivation is the main issue in this region , where there is a lack of public services ( electricity , water , sanitary, roads ….).

Mehdi Yehya a lebanese citizen from north Bekaa , creator of “ Lebanese peace of art “ idea, holding a master degree in graphic design and advertising from the holy spirit university of Kaslik , and a fine arts high school teacher, teaching in three schools (Al-Ain , Fakiha and Ras Baalbak) as well he is a humanitarian and environmental activist , worked in many civil fields with several NGOs , since 2013 till now , also he produced many videos and short films talking about environment issues and coexistence between different religions and between different cultures such as Lebanese and Syrians , you can check his page on Facebook ( MY production) to see videos that he produced:

In 2014 , after the Syrian crisis started affecting the Lebanese society in many ways, Mehdi decided to create a place to promote for a new environment holding the religious and nationalities and backgrounds diversity of our region together in one place , his main goal was to make youth of this region feel more comfortable and safe, reduce tension, and create better relations between them, especially after the political and painful accidents that affected our region starting with the prime minister “Rafiq Hariri “ assassination in 2005 , passing by the lebanese – israel war in 2006 ending with the syrian conflict .

“ Lebanese peace of art” the academy , the forum , the library and the organization that mix between the different kind of people in the region , the first goal to achieve is to insure fine arts courses for youth in our region (free fees) like ( theater, digital photography, video , animation, music, editing, dance and singing …) also giving English and computer classes , and civil workshops , and creating a place for exhibitions where artists and crafters can sell their products and masterpieces, and increase their incomes, to encourage them to stay in the region.

At the end of 2015 Mehdi started to meet artists from the region ( musicians , painters, photographers, singers, dancers , architects, interior and graphic designers…. ) to be the base of “ Lebanese peace of art” , most of those artists leave the region for work and visit it just in holidays, he met also representatives of many NGO’s and municipalities in north Bekaa region , to discuss with them the best way to bring youth together through art, and enhance their skills and create a more developed and equitable society, for this reason he collected a database about students of the region , especially those interested in fine arts domain , and he created a complete plan to create a new place assembling region’s youth together and meeting their dreams and ambitions . in summer 2016 he started to create a center at Al-Ain town, a strategic location between three villages , Fakiha village with a muslim sunni majority , Ras Baalbak village with a Christian majority and Labwe with a muslim chii majority , this way “ peace of art “ services will reach the biggest number of youth from multiple religions , backgrounds and even nationalities , this center was created at his own expense (Mehdi) , a small center but a good start for future plans and projects and to accomplish ideas that “ peace of art” is holding .

In September 2016 “ peace of art “ center launched the first music training , to train lebanese and Syrian youth on music basics for free, peace of art has opened today more than 10 different classes ( piano, guitar, violin, Oud, Photography, video editing, drawing…).